Full Blast Advertising provides digital marketing management, training and consultancy to businesses who want to grow through online marketing.

We specialize in optimizing the Facebook Advertising platform for your business which allows you to showcase your business and drive sales through Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other apps and websites that have partnered with Facebook.


Have you been considering using Facebook Advertising but do not have the skill set in-house?

Does your business want to use the scale and specificity that Facebook Advertising can offer but don’t know where to start?

Do you want a hands free solution that will allow you to benefit from our award-winning Facebook Advertising expertise?

Our done-for-you solution allows your business to benefit from our expertise and skills in creating, analysing and optimizing your advertising campaigns.

Rather than just creating random advertising campaigns when you have some spare time or when you are running a promotion, we can create an evergreen sales system that will give you the ability to consistently attract new customers.

We only work with brands that we feel we can make a real difference to. As a result, we’ll need to get to know more about your business and marketing over a free consultation call.

We have worked with a diverse range of clients from presidential election campaigns to bin cleaning companies. Read some of the tips from our latest marketing campaigns with brands in eCommerce, Fitness, Events and Recruitment in the news section.


Do you want to learn how to use Facebook Advertising to increase your sales?

Have your results stagnated or are you struggling to get to terms with the Ads Manager platform?

Do you want to learn about the latest Facebook Advertising features and advanced tactics to increase your ROI?

Full Blast Advertising provides 1-to-1 or group training workshops to help your marketing team take your Facebook Advertising efforts to the next level.

We provide bespoke tailored training so that your marketing team will learn the skills necessary to enhance the return from your advertising spend.

Training can be designed to help you learn more about core strategies and tactics you can employ with Facebook Advertising, targeting features that will pinpoint your ideal market or how to create content that actually converts people into customers.

For more advanced advertisers, training can involve topics such as analysing, optimizing and scaling your campaigns, how to implement Messenger Chatbots into your marketing campaigns, and how to use advanced features such as dynamic product ads and remarketing strategies.

While we focus on the Facebook Advertising platform, we also deliver training in overall digital marketing strategy, lead generation, copywriting, e-mail marketing, social media marketing and sales optimization to ensure your business is maximizing the return possible from Facebook Advertising.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us and let us know what areas your marketing team needs to learn more about.


Does your marketing team need expert support and advice when it comes to Facebook Advertising?

Is your business looking to maximize your advertising results, design a new advertising strategy, or optimize your current advertising campaigns?

Full Blast Advertising provides consultancy to businesses who manage their own Facebook Advertising campaigns but want expert help to maximize their returns or have impending challenges that they need to overcome.

This often starts a half-day or full-day interaction with the team that can develop into a regular monthly meeting to examine progress and optimize results.

If you are interested in getting our help and support with your advertising, contact us now.


While we specialize in Facebook Advertising, we also help businesses in the following areas:

Could you be missing out on sales with your Facebook Advertsing campaigns?